Windsurf Magasine skriver om:

Goya Guru 2011 – It always feels very stable. Dropping in on the wave the sail goes very light, you can almost completely forget it and just focus on your board, when you get to the top of the wave the forward pull of the sail makes it very easy to controle and steer off the lip.

Goya One 2011 – It is a classic single fin and a great alrounder. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to have fun and make most of any windy day regardless of whether there are waves or not.

– Nb – til sjællanske forhold er muligheden for at skifte til tangfinne et stort plus i sommermånederne.

Boards Magazine skriver om :

Goya Ecplipse 2011 – It is a power sail. In the bottom end it is unrivaled within wave sails for power, drive and early planning. You can sail it a seize smaller than most sails. It is a greath all round wave sail that offers a solid and stable power and fantastic jumping performance.

The Goya waveboard is a wave board with massive performance, range and appeal, feeling short and compact under foot with a short and grippy style. It tops the rating table for all types of riding, from beginners in onshore conditions to experts in off shore conditions. It combines flexibility with early planning and greath top end control. Overall a fantastic all-round waveboard, suitable for any level of rider in any conditions.